What To Do About Ransomware

As the name suggests, ransomware is software that hackers and cybercriminals use to hold you to ransom. They may block your programs and stop your computer working, demanding money in return for unlocking your computer. It is important to know how to prevent this from happening in the first place, what to do if you get ransomware on your computer and how to make sure it doesn’t get on your device in the future.


Like a lot of viruses, ransomware often gets on your system via emails. If you are unsure where an email comes from and it has an unusual link, delete it. Whatever you do, don’t click on the link.

Another method the cybercriminal may use is a kit where they download the ransomware while you are looking at a website that on the surface may appear normal. This is why it is vital to back up your work on a regular basis, preferably using an external source as well as your computer. Regular updates on your computer will also help to prevent anyone from breaking into your device.


If your device does get infected, it is very important that you do not pay any money to the hacker in order to get the ransomware removed. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that even if you do pay that they will clear out the malicious software, and there is an increased chance that you could get targeted again. Using a remediation security package will allow you to remove the infection. In some cases, a full system restore might be necessary to get rid of any screen locking programs.

Invest in security

Keeping your device secure is vital. Regular updates and monitoring will help to maintain the running of your IT. Make sure to check, especially if it feels like your system is running slower than usual. If you have people in your office that work remotely or use multiple devices, you should ensure that their devices are properly protected as well and that they are also aware of how to properly protect them. Raising awareness, catching issues early and taking preventative measures will help to prevent more severe damage later on.

Another aspect that can’t be stated enough is that regular backups will minimise any losses that can occur as a result of malicious software, whether by using a cloud storage system or an external hard drive (when using an external hard drive make sure they are removed properly as well to prevent the risk of infection.)

We can help

At Digi Toolbox Ltd we can look at your existing setup and look at what you need in order to improve your cybersecurity. Often it just takes a few extra steps to make it more secure, as well as preparing for worst case scenarios. We can go over the different options available to you and find something best suited to your needs.

For more information on cybersecurity and other digital needs, please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.