Cyber Security For Small Businesses

You have probably seen articles about big brand companies suffering from cyber attacks. It is easy to think that because you are a small business, you won’t be targeted. The fact is that any company that doesn’t have sufficient cyber security is vulnerable to hacks, ransomware and other potential threats, which is why it is vital to be prepared.

Why small businesses are targeted

Small businesses are often targeted for two reasons- the first is that small businesses don’t tend to have the same level of security as larger companies. This makes it easier to hack. The second reason is that this often becomes part of a chain that can lead to larger companies being exposed as well.

There are different types of hackers. Some will do it for money, others to damage companies through bad PR leaks. In some cases, they may be doing it simply because they can or dismissing it in their minds as a “prank.” The problem is the lower level hackers can be persuaded by more experienced people to do more damaging hacks.

How to be more secure

The most crucial factor is to keep your system updated as much as possible and to patch up any vulnerabilities in the system. It may not always be practical to have someone always on site to do this, but it is vital to get someone in who can check and ensure that everything is up to date.

It is also recommended to appoint someone in your company (or to bring someone in) as a Chief Information Security Officer (or CISO) to be responsible for how your system is secured and to check that information is being properly handled and protected.

This responsibility should also extend to your employees as well. You need to be able to recognise a fake email or website to prevent any viruses being brought into the system. To some extent, firewalls and security programs can flag these things up, but the human element is still something to be aware of, which is why you may wish to consider bringing an outside expert in for some additional training (as this will prevent problems later on).

It is important to be aware of potential hacks and social engineering (for example, someone posing as a bank asking for a password). If in doubt, always check with the organisations involved, don’t just click on a website if you are not sure. While these things may sound obvious, it is easy to lose track during a busy day, and this is just one example of things people need to be aware of that can result in a system getting hacked.

We can help

At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we recognise that it is not just the programs you use, but also ensuring that people understand how it works. We can offer a setup that will be best suited to your business, providing the level of protection you need. For more information or to discuss the requirements of your business, please contact us today.