Why you should keep your mobile handset a little bit longer

The times when smartphone advocates would queue up outside stores to buy the latest model of phone may be over. Even though new phones are being released frequently, the high cost that comes with them instantly discourages buyers.

The thought of paying the entire cost of the phone upfront is out of the question for most people, especially when phones can cost around the £900 mark, but paying for monthly rental can cost even more in the long run.

Here are a few reasons why considering a SIM only plan for your existing device could save you hundreds.

With the latest releases of many phones, there is a distinct lack of innovation. The upgraded model of phone may have improved camera quality or a slightly faster processor, but the capabilities of the device as a whole never really improve.

This means every time someone buys a new phone, they are simply paying for what they already have, with a few small add-ons… Is this worth the hefty price tag?

The trend in people buying new phones usually stems from wanting the newest and most aesthetically pleasing devices, which doesn’t really warrant the cost-especially when this doesn’t always affect the performance.

Something as simple as replacing the battery can make it feel and perform like new, and adding a sim only plan to your existing phone helps save a lot of money.

There are many benefits of having a sim only plan, for example;

  1. SIM only deals are flexible, meaning you don’t have to commit to a 24-month contract but instead you can change your tariff to suit you.
  2. As said previously, they are a cheaper option to monthly rental.
  3. You still retain your existing mobile number, and have your minutes, texts and data ready to use when you need them.

From a business perspective, this should be an obvious option. For those that provide staff with mobiles, the accumulated cost is far higher when they opt for a contract.

The solution? Keep your existing phones and choose a SIM only plan which gives you everything you need whilst cutting out the considerable sum.