Are Paid Social Media Posts Worthwhile For Your Business?

Social media platforms can offer massive benefits to your business. They give you the chance to interact quickly with customers, providing vital feedback and a relatively low-cost way to advertise your products and services. One aspect that some people may be concerned about is the cost of paid social media posts, and whether or not paid social media posts are worthwhile for your business.


One of the major benefits of paid social media posts is that they have a much larger reach than something you post on your own profile. While you may be able to post to a thousand people, a paid post could reach ten times that number. Increasingly, social media platforms are making it harder for people to promote themselves using an organic promotion method, so it is becoming almost as much a necessity as it as an additional benefit.

Another aspect of this is that a paid social media post is targeted- you decide who goes out to. One problem with posting on a social media platform is that while you may have an enormous reach if you are posting about a bakery in Lowestoft, then you will want to focus on people in Lowestoft who like bagels and cakes. The analytics available to you make it easier to break down who responds to ads and how effective different methods of promoting to an audience are (blogs, videos, short animations etc.).

There is also the fact that with up to 80 per cent of social media viewers checking on their phone, there is a very real chance that the person you are targeting could equally be in a position to come to you. Therefore, it is also important to have posts that are tailored to the needs of people who are checking on a mobile or tablet.


It is important to make sure you are getting value for money from your paid social media campaign. You need to use the tools available in order to see what works and what doesn’t, or there is the risk that you could end up spending too much on ineffective marketing.

Social media marketing isn’t a quick fix- it is very rare that you will instantly get sales on the back of one or two posts. It is about crafting a brand and getting the right message across, and sometimes that may take a couple of goes in order to get it right, both in terms of tailoring the message and making sure that message is communicated to the right people.

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