The Benefits of Using Hosted Telephony

Increasingly more businesses are benefiting from the use of cloud technology. A big part of this is hosted telephony services, using a secure data centre as opposed to physical hardware or someone hosted your telephony service on your site. There are a number of benefits to this approach and could prove massively beneficial to your business.

Cutting costs

Whether you are a massive multinational or a small start-up, you are likely to be on the lookout for ways of cutting costs without sacrificing efficiency or quality of service.

Hosted telephony has the benefit of no ongoing maintenance charges and the minimal level of installation costs. This is because any updates can be done in the data centre, without you needing to anything on your side or bringing any outside contractors.

Better security

A common misconception is that a cloud-based system is less secure than a physical setup on your own site. In reality, the opposite is true- the company responsible for the main data centre is more likely to keep their security up to date, with disaster recovery plans in place to ensure your data is secure in any worst case scenarios.

Extra features

Different telephony packages come with assorted additional features. For example, some allow staff to connect to the same setup at different sites, working from home or on the go, ideal if you are looking to offer a more flexible working environment for your employees.

Another example of a beneficial additional feature is mobile twinning- this allows you to take calls on a mobile device, ideal if you need to take an important call just before you close up the office. It is also ideal in other situations, such as being a trade event or conference away from the office but needed to discuss something with an important client.

This opens up a lot of potential for your business- people will be more attracted to a more flexible working environment, while a more efficient telephony system will make your company more productive, which in turn will result in a more loyal customer fanbase.

The right setup for you

There are different types of hosted telephony packages, each with different features appropriate to every type of business, from sole traders and small businesses to larger offices with multiple locations. It is worth comparing the various options available to you, so you can find a setup that is best suited to the needs of your business, and it adjusts as the needs of your company changes as it grows and develops. The best quality packages will have clear phone calls and reliable connections, something that has got better over time as technology has become more efficient.

At Digi Toolbox, we work closely with our clients, looking over their requirements and gauging what will work best for their needs. To find out more, please contact us today, and we will be happy to talk over the best hosted telephony options best suited to your business.