The Benefits Of Using Office 365

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are reliant on technology. The best software and hardware can make your work more efficient and your business more productive. One example of this is Office 365, and it is worth knowing the benefits of using it.


A big benefit of using Office 365 is that it is flexible, allowing for customisation. You can use a variety of apps, mixing and matching them to suit your particular needs. As people come and go in your company, it is also easy to add or remove licenses as necessary.

Flexibility also refers to where your employees can work. Previously, companies were restricted by packages designed solely for the office. With Office 365, people can work from home, on public transport, or while away at trade shows or exhibitions, available on up to five devices for each individual user.


Another advantage is that Office 365 allows for better collaboration. It is easier for people to work on one single document (while still allowing for people to go back to earlier versions if necessary). Features such as team chat and HD multi-party videos would also allow easier communication across your team.

Up to date

Office 365 is cloud-based, so this allows you to always get the latest version. This means no need to worry about downloading patches or reinstall new versions. Furthermore, because you are always getting the latest version, you don’t need to worry about people not having the same version and having compatibility issues.

Cut costs

As a subscription service, you do not have the larger upfront costs of other software packages.  Office 365 is flexible, allowing you to pay either annually or month to month. There is also the option to further save money by removing services that you aren’t using.

There is also the additional practical savings in terms of energy costs, as you do not need to have physical servers, which can also free up physical space for other things.


People are often nervous about using cloud systems, as they fear that it could be less secure. With message encryption and Advanced Threat Analytics, it is possible to protect email and spot threats, with updates in real-time. There is also mobile device management available, allowing more protection for using Office 365 on mobile devices.

Enhanced email

Enhanced email allows you to reduce a lot of the stress and issues have with synchronising calendars and dealing with clutter. The focused inbox feature will detect what emails are a priority, with other emails stored elsewhere. Time zone management also allows you to coordinate events based on different time zones, ideal for people who work with a team across different countries or who work with global clients.

Getting the most from Office 365

There are a number of features involved with Office 365. It is not always obvious what is best suited to your business. At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we can guide you through the different features, allowing you to craft a setup that works and will adapt to you as your business grows. For more information, contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail.