How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

There are many ways to promote your business. Social media, broadcast media, print and trade shows can all be beneficial. But one area people often forget is email marketing. Used in the correct way, it can be a smart platform to direct your message to your potential customers.

More personal

An email can be more personal to your customers. While marketing via social media private messages can seem intrusive, a personalised message (such as a special offer for a customer’s birthday) can make someone feel more connected and that you have given them something exclusive.

Brand connection

Used in the right way, an email can be an effective way of establishing your business with your customers. While it is true, there are many infamous spam emails that customers delete, adjusting subject lines, and content make it easier to spread the message to specific target demographics.

More cost-effective

For a lot of companies, there is only so much money for marketing and promotion. A flyer campaign can be expensive- if you want it to look professional, you need someone to design it, the right material, and if you want to spread it around the local area, you may well need a company to deliver those flyers.

Email marketing cuts out a lot of these costs – you won’t need to purchase the materials, while the message will be delivered directly to whoever you want to.

Increased traffic

Email content also allows you to direct people where you want them to go- if you have an upcoming trade event you are attending, you can let people know. If you are looking to make people click through your website, you can offer exclusive discounts to encourage more traffic.

Engaging content

If you run a bakery, give people tips on how to bake bread. If you are a software designer, tell people how they can get more from their software. You can engage with your customers, getting them to learn from you before a final call to action encourages them to contact you.

Talk to us

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