Upgrading To A Modern Phone System

Telephony Support Solutions – Calling a company can be stressful. Being put on hold for too long, being put through to the wrong person, and having to repeat information can frustrate customers. This is why it is recommended you look at upgrading to a modern phone system.

Remote working

As well as making the experience better for your customers, a new system can also make things easier for your employees. Remote working options can be attractive as people look for more flexible working options, and a more modern phone system can provide that.


One issue with older phone systems is how often they need to be replaced. Switching to a cloud based system makes it easier to maintain, such as adding more phone lines without massive additional costs. This can also cover additional features like video conferencing or forwarding without the need for extra software or hardware.

It is also possible to have a system with the same number, so it doesn’t matter if you have multiple locations, everyone can be connected, as well as taking out any stress if you have to move to a different office.

Better productivity

With some offices, an employee may not be able to make an external call when internal calls are coming in. This could mean delaying important calls that could, in turn, decrease productivity. A system that allows for additional phone lines can increase efficiency.

Better mobile access

Increasingly, mobile access is important. Aside from people wanting to work remotely, there can be times where someone wants to keep in touch with the office, even if they are not physically present. For example, you may be promoting your business at a trade or networking event but still want to be available if there are any issues. Having the ability to allow for mobile access on multiple devices will allow for more flexibility.

Call recording

Sometimes a specific feature can have benefits you may not think of. For example, you may get into a dispute with a customer. A recording of a call can offer evidence in certain cases, preventing expensive issues later on.

Equally, it is often an effective tool for training new employees, allowing them to learn from real life situations and be aware of the correct way of communicating with customers.

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