Why You Should Have A WordPress Website

If you are looking to run your own business, do something on the side to raise a bit of extra money, or want to promote something you are passionate about, a website is effectively your shop window. There are various options you can choose for this, but one you should consider is a WordPress website, and here are a few reasons why.


WordPress started out as a system for bloggers but has since evolved to become a platform for people who want to create their own website. It is relatively simple to pick up and is very accessible, but there are enough features and upgrades available for people who wish to create and customise their sites, with ever-changing features available all the time.


One issue people may have with a website is that they may not feel confident with art or graphic design. WordPress comes with thousands of available themes that are available for free. Furthermore, these are customisable so you can add in your logos and images as required.


Additional plug-in features also add to the functionality of your site. Analytics allow you to get a better idea of your target demographic, making it easier to see who is visiting your website and where they are from. Contact forms also encourage interaction, so more people will be able to contact you directly if they have any queries or wish to pass on any feedback.


Another encouraging aspect of WordPress is that the platform is SEO friendly. It is specifically set up so that you can add in keywords as required, making it easier for your site and content to be found via the major search engines.

Secure and easy to manage

An in-built management system allows you to back up all the important pages, images, and so forth so that you can protect your site, with updates available with a simple click of the button.

It has been designed with security in mind, with various programs you can download to protect your website.


There was a time when you had to keep clicking elsewhere in order to look up a video on a website. Now, it is much easier to embed a video and have it be part of your site so that people can see the content without moving away from the page. A video at the top of a page is also a great way of introducing people who may be looking at the site for the first time, giving them an insight into what you have to offer.

It can also be used to share social media updates and image galleries, ideal for when you are promoting a big event, or want to post a blog about a big success story.

We can help

At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we want to help you get more from your WordPress website. We can talk over your options, going over everything from the best theme to how to maximise SEO opportunities with your content. To find out more or to discuss your website needs in more detail, please contact us today.