What Is Hosted Telephony And Why Should Your Business Use It?

Hosted telephony (sometimes referred to as cloud telephony or hosted VoIP) is when you use an outside provider to host your phone system via a private data centre.

Most businesses have to use telephones or have some kind of phone system put in place. Even if you are self-employed, the chances are you will have some kind of mobile contact number or use a virtual assistant.

Why should my business use it?

With any new technology, there is always the concern about the cost involved, whether it is through putting in new systems or setting it up. The good thing with a hosted telephony system is that it can be scaled to match the growth of your business.

Another advantage is that you are paying per user per month, so you can avoid wasting money on services that you don’t need. It is also very simple and quick to install these systems, so there will be minimal disruption to your business when you put them in.

Are they reliable?

For a few years, one advantage standard PBX systems had over cloud-based setups is that the connections were more reliable. As the technology has improved, the connections have become a lot more reliable. Furthermore, you are not paying for the cost of maintenance or managing multiple phone lines, so you get the same quality of connection without the additional long-term costs.

Is it secure?

Another common concern with cloud-based systems is the level of security. The good thing with using a company that is focused on this is that they are responsible for security and data recovery. If in the event, something does go wrong, there are fallbacks put in place so that data can be sent to a different area of the system, minimising the downtime for your business.

By contrast, with your own system, if a phone line is down, then you need someone to come in and maintain it, potentially resulting in downtime and reduced productivity for your business.

Better remote working

Increasingly, more people are looking into jobs that are more flexible, with the possibilities of remote working often factoring into their decision. With a cloud-based telephony system, it is easier for people to work from home or elsewhere, allowing people to work away from the office if they need to.

There are numerous other features that could be available such a single number for different devices, redirecting and call groups, but this will depend on the package you choose.

We can help

The needs of businesses change over time. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we want to give you the best system to suit your needs. At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we will go over the options available to you, coming up with a package that will not only suit your current requirements but can also provide additional options that can be brought in as your business grows.

For more information or to discuss hosted telephony systems in more detail, please contact us today.