Spring Cleaning- How To Tidy Up Your Tech

As springtime nears, everyone starts to think about spring cleaning. However, it’s not just your drawers or the kitchen microwave that could do with a scrub, your company’s tech can also do with a bit of decluttering to help spark more joy from your devices.

Your mobile

If you are self-employed or do a lot of work on the go, your mobile can often be a crucial part of your business toolkit. If your battery is always being drained, it is worth looking at the apps there- any that are unnecessary should be deleted (do you really need that colourful farming game?)

There are also apps available that can point out what apps are not being used, allowing you to pick the ones that can be deleted.

Another way to maintain this is to remove contacts that are no longer relevant or move photos into cloud storage. You should also have a backup in the event of your phone getting damaged, go missing or get stolen.

Desktop computer

Keeping files, photos and documents in specific folders can remove clutter on the desktop, as well as making these things easier to find when you need them. Clearing your cache, cookies, browsing history and recycle bin can also allow you to remove a lot of space on your device.


One issue IT people have is with people who do not clean their laptop screens. There are specific wipes available for this, but equally, you can use a wet cloth and this will also work, removing dust (and saving the IT people an additional job they won’t want!)

Keep up to date

With any device, it is recommended that you keep it up to date. This will ensure that it works as well as possible, in addition to making the device more secure. Furthermore, changing your passwords and pins on a regular basis will reduce the risk of people hacking into your devices.

Ditch the old DVR recordings

If you are self-employed, the chances are you will have some kind of DVR device with stored TV series and shows. However, this ease of recording shows can also add to the needless virtual mess- are you really going to watch that old repeat of a comedy show from five years ago? If it is something you don’t want to keep, be brutal and delete it!

Wire tags

Do you have a load of devices but can’t find them in the mess of wires? Wire tags are relatively inexpensive, making it easier to find what you need and cutting out unnecessary hassle.

We can help

It can be a bit overwhelming and it is not always immediately obvious what you do or don’t need on your devices. If you want someone to help guide you through the decluttering process, contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today and we will be happy to help you spring clean your tech, making your business more efficient and saving you stress along the way.