Top 5 Things to Update on Your Website

If you think about it, your website is effectively your company’s shop window. This is where people will look up information about you and get their initial first impression. What you don’t want is a shop window where the display looks dated or worse needs tidying up. Therefore, here are the top 5 things to update on your website in order to get more of that virtual footfall (and more crucially retain it).

Is the design responsive?

With more than half your potential traffic coming from mobile devices as opposed to laptops and desktops, it becomes more and more important to ensure that the display people see on their phone is just as effective as what they would see on a computer screen.

This is something you should discuss with your website designer. Also, don’t be afraid to get other people to test it and give you feedback so you can gauge how effective the design is and what needs to be changed.

Does your site have up to date content?

Going back to the shop window metaphor, a shop won’t have the same display every day. For some people, this can be difficult, as they try to think about what content they can update with.

Ideally, you should be able to provide regular content. Whether it’s a blog on issues concerning your industry, a video of a recent trade fair or charity event you attended, there is plenty you can add that can keep people engaged and coming back to your site.

Is the site easy to navigate?

If people find a site easy to use, chances are they will keep coming back to it. Clear menus and easy to navigate options will mean people process orders quicker and not get frustrated while using the site. Crucially, this will often mean positive word of mouth as people encourage others to use your site rather than a rival’s clunkier offering.

Do you have reviews and testimonials?

You may have the best SEO, the fanciest graphics and the easiest layout. But one thing that will get people attracted to using your site is reviews and testimonials. Ideally, these should be updated on a regular basis (If your last review dates back to April 2018 people may wonder why you haven’t posted up more recent reviews).

Do you have high-quality photos and video?

Photos and videos are important in showing people what you do in an effective way. If a site has pixelated images that are stretched out or they feel too much like they were from a template, then this can make potential customers suspicious.

If these are combined with effective social media integration (For example having regular videos from your upload channel), then it is more likely that a customer will feel confident in ordering from you as it will feel more legitimate.

We can help

When it comes to the best website, it helps to have the best tools to make it look as professional as possible. At Digi Toolbox, we want to make sure you have everything you need. For more information on how we can help you get more from your website please contact us today.