Why Cloud Technology is so important

You have probably seen numerous companies and websites refer to cloud technology. But you may not be aware of what it is and why it could potentially be very important for you and your business.

Better access

“The cloud” refers to a remote area where data and other electronic programs, software etc can be stored and accessed. What this means is that anyone can access items from any device.

For example, if you are away at a conference or trade fair, it is possible to maintain communication with your team. Equally, if you need to introduce remote working, everyone on the team has access to the same server, applications and so forth.

Cut costs

While it is great to see companies grow, one potential problem is that the servers and technology they use might not grow with them. This can mean replacing expensive servers, retraining staff and other costs (including potential delays during upgrading, retraining etc).

With cloud computing, this is not an issue because it is scalable, meaning that what you use can grow with you. It is also lower maintenance as the updates are automatic.

Better security

One issue people often raise when using cloud computing is security. There is the fear that data is “out there” and therefore, could be vulnerable. In actual fact the opposite is true- data is very tightly secured. Furthermore, you can set who you want to access said data and can update this as required.

In addition to this, disaster recovery means that in the event of any issues, all of your data and applications can be backed up and restored quickly, minimising any impact on your business.


You can decide the tools that are included as part of a pre-built setup. This is ideal as you can add elements depending on who comes into your business, tailoring it to their needs. Likewise, this also means you can add more applications as your business grows and your requirements change.




Increasingly more companies are using cloud services and this is a trend that is likely to continue. Furthermore, as new developments such as artificial intelligence are brought into the mainstream marketplace, being able to adapt and do so as quickly as possible will be important in order to keep up with the competition.

Furthermore, with more people looking to work from home and businesses considering remote options, it becomes increasingly important to be able to access data and applications from multiple devices. Indeed in some cases multiple devices may be important for certain types of industry, such as using apps in restaurants so that people can order and pay for food more quickly, allowing for more transactions in a day.

We can help

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