Why is it important to include typography in your website?

There are a number of elements to consider when designing a website. The ease of use, the integration of social media feeds, a lot of these factors are important. However, one aspect that is crucial is people being able to take information in. In order to provide ease of use, this requires the right kind of typography.
Industry appropriate
Typography is about the lettering, the kind of font used. This conveys a message. For example, the bold, bulky letters used on the poster of an action blockbuster movie will be different from the elegant font that will often be used for a boutique florist or a five-star hotel.
Limit your typefaces
When people design a website themselves or are less experienced at website design, the temptation is to use more fonts in order to stand out. The problem is that an excessive amount of fonts will make you stand out, but not in a good way.
It is recommended that you limit the amount you use. Generally speaking, two to four is the amount that can ensure you have the appropriate mix of fonts.
Consistency is also important- You don’t want to have one font that is bold and aggressive next to one that is softer and more elegant unless you are doing that to make a specific point.
Size matters
Where you place the words on the screen and the size of those words make a difference. It is said that people will read a screen from around 20 to 23 inches away. Therefore, it is worth checking from that distance to ensure it is legible.
Some people may argue that users can use their desktop or mobile devices to zoom in and out. While this is not possible, it can make a website feel less accessible. In the age of social media reviews, this could result in an unfavourable comparison with a competitor.
There are ways you can highlight certain words or key points. It may be that you highlight them in bold or italics. While you can use a different font, this can be distracting for readers.
Another method could be to use bullet points and provide an overview or to have an opening summary paragraph in italics so that someone quickly skimming over an article gets the gist of an article, even if they don’t read the whole thing.
Once your website has gone live, it is important to check that the typography works across a range of devices. While there are free fonts available online, it may be better to invest in something that works across various platforms to ensure you hit as wide a demographic as possible
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