How to work from home efficiently

With more people working from home, either remotely as part of an office or on a freelance basis, it becomes more important to know effective ways of working at home. With the right approach, it is possible to be productive without sacrifice the all-important work-life balance.
Work to a schedule
One issue people have when working from home (especially when used to an office environment) is having to establish a working routine. One of the big advantages to this is that you can set times to suit you. Some people work more productively in the morning, others more in the afternoon or evening. When you find your key productive times it becomes easier.
Some people use methods to signal a working day- You may put on work clothes during work hours or physically go out at the end of your working time to help you switch off. If you are working remotely, remember to check in as required with your office.
Avoid distractions
It can be tempting to binge a box set, check up on social media as well as any number of other distractions. One way to avoid this is to remove your wi-fi connection during a set work period. Another way can be to allocate time in your schedule for emails, game breaks etc, as this can give you that bit of relaxation time without sacrificing productivity.
Have a set working environment
One problem with working in a bedroom or kitchen is that it may not feel like an office, therefore it may be harder to focus on work. Establishing a clear working environment can also be a psychological boost, as you subconsciously switch yourself to work mode.
Burnout is real
Something people often say when working from home “Oh I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t get anything done.” The truth is often the opposite- without the boundaries of the office clock, there is always the danger of always being on, responding to work emails at inappropriate times, pushing to get a project done late into the night and then feeling groggy in the morning.
Burnout is a very real thing- any short term gain from pushing yourself too hard can often get cancelled out by physical and mental exhaustion. This is why scheduling is so important as you need to remember to factor in breaks and rest.
Also if you need to don’t be afraid to switch your email out of office autoreply on and set your phone to voicemail after your allotted work time. In the long run, this is shown to make people more productive, not less.
You’re not alone
Working from home or remotely does not necessarily mean working alone. There are plenty of methods to keep in touch with people from your office or wider business community. At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we can offer you the tools you need to get more from working from home. To find out more about what our packages can do for your home setup please contact us today.