Are you diverting your office phone to a home number? Let us tell you why this is hurting your business

In theory, you can understand why some people may want to divert office calls to their home number. It would mean not missing important office calls while you are at home. However, there are some reasons why instead of making you more productive this could in fact be hurting your business.
More secure
A big problem with transferring an office phone to your home is it could potentially make you more vulnerable to hackers, pranksters and scammers. A second phone number (whether it’s your office or a separate line) reduces this risk.
Fewer automated calls
Cold calling has been a nuisance for years, but in recent times automated calls have proven equally annoying. If you transfer your office line to your home number, it means you could potentially face more of these, another reason to have a separate line.
Registration issues
A lot of services require phone numbers, such as online banking. The issue with this is that if you need to change your personal number this could cause issues with these services. Therefore it is worth considering a virtual office number that is not tied to a particular office, though it can still be specifically for business purposes.
People often start their business using their own number. The problem with that is if your business grows, being tied to a personal number can make it difficult to continue this growth. It can mean having to change websites, marketing, business cards etc, all of which take up time and money.
Fortunately, there are cloud phone options that are available, with virtual phone systems allowing you to only pay for the features that you need.
Employee issues
There are also issues if you are working with a team that uses personal numbers. You could have the most trustworthy team but it can still mean that a few mistakes could result in lost customer service contact, sales information and so forth.
A way to circumvent this is to use a virtual phone system with the ability to add extensions, thus allowing for people to still have their own direct contact but avoiding issues that come with personal contact numbers.
Keep it separate
Even if you work from home, it is still recommended that you have a separate office number. Alternatively there are also virtual assistant services available that can help with this. Being able to separate personal and business is not only efficient but is also important for your own mental health.
We can help
At Digi Toolbox Ltd we offer a diverse range of packages that can allow you to run your business and maintain a healthy work life balance. It is not just about the technology you use but also how you use it that can make your business more effective and productive. For more information and to discuss your business requirements in more detail please contact us today.