10 essential items for a new business

It can be daunting when creating a new business. There are various things to consider and some will cost more than others. Here are ten essential items you should have when setting up a new business.
A website
A website is in effect your shop window. While social media platforms are important in promoting your business, a central website will make a business feel more professional and official.
A central phone number
You don’t necessarily need an office in order to have your own central phone number. You can use virtual assistant companies in order to create a phone number. This can be reassuring for customers, as there is always the risk that someone with only a mobile contact might not have a central place to register any complaints or contact in a difficult situation.
High quality images
A mistake companies often make is to use low resolution images for their print and website promotion. The problem is that this can result in fuzzy images and make you look unprofessional. When working with artists, graphic designers etc check that they are using high res images.
Whether it’s using a calendar and a diary with a pen or scheduling software, this is something that can be vital. With scheduling software it is easier to update and keep track, so you know when someone is on holiday or when to prepare for the next big trade fair or other promotional event. There are also sites that can allow you to schedule social media posts, videos etc.
How do you know if your marketing is succeeding? Are you targeting it towards the right people? Analytics helps you to focus your promotion and worth paying attention to.
Surveys and feedback
Feedback is important when first starting up- for example, if you run a coffee shop you can see what offers people would prefer, the kind of food they want and an idea of what the competition offers in your local area.
Document sharing
There are various websites that allow you to share documents. This can cut out a lot of issues when working with people and means people can work with you even when they are on their phone, tablet or laptop.
Social media
It is important to remember that “social media” is not one single thing. There are a variety of platforms and some will be more effective than others. However, social media does allow for a relatively low cost promotion as well as giving you more opportunities to interact with potential customers.
Outside help
Whether it’s a graphic designer to design your logo, a professional actor to voice your video or someone to set up your IT, there are a variety of services that can give your new business that professional sheen that will attract customers.
Whether it’s an external hard drive or cloud, having a backup will prevent issues that could impact your business.
We can help
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