Mobilizing your business to work at home?

As more people face having to work from home due to factors such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, businesses need to look at how work can be mobilized in order to ensure that this can be done effectively. Here are just some ways you can mobilize your business and make it viable to work from home.
Consider the working environment
Ideally you should have the equipment you need in order to do your work. Whether it’s a laptop, a mobile device or VoIP system, it should all be in place, alongside an effective internet connection. Equally as important is the working environment. You may be able to convert a room in your home but if not try to find ways to clarify your workspace. Whether it is dressing up in the day for work, putting in more formal looking furniture or having a clearer work space, this will make it easier to have a working mindset.
Talk to your team
If you are a manager working with a team then it helps to discuss with them what will work best going forward. Some people will more confident working with video conferences, while others may prefer email or less direct contact.
In some cases, a person may prefer having a mobile setup so they can have a change of scene. Being flexible will help people be more productive as you establish a routine that works for them.
It also helps to set clear goals and deadlines, clarifying what you need and when you need it completed (scheduling software can help with this.)
Mental health is an issue
One concern regarding working from home is the effects of isolation. With fewer social interactions, there is the concern that can lead to people feeling more lonely and struggling without the typical “watercooler” type chat they would have in an office.
Therefore having some kind of regular “checking in” or some kind of social conference call may allow some degree of social interaction.
This is also important in terms of potential burnout- make sure that the boundaries are clear in how long you expect people to work. It may be that using email or an app works better as it can allow people to step away at the end of a long day.
The package should work for you
There are various packages out there that can help facilitate working from home. However, it is important to recognise that different companies will have different needs. For example, some may prefer unlimited texts if they many communicate through the phone.
A VoIP system may be appropriate if you want to maintain consistency. It also allows for better conference calls and clearer sounding calls, as you are no reliant on landlines.
We can help
2020 has proven to be challenging for businesses and the need to be flexible in terms of how businesses work has never been greater. At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we are here to give you the tools you need to make working from home both easier and more productive. To find out more about how we can help you get set up for home working please contact us today.