Why it is important to check your social media stats

People can be cynical about social media and especially using stats to measure it. After all, you’re not an influencer or a Youtuber, so why should you care? There are actually a number of very important reasons why you should care and knowing how to effectively analyse your social media stats can make a massive difference to how much your business benefits from using social media platforms.
Understanding your audience
While it is easy to be snobby about the idea of people presenting themselves on Youtube or other social media, they are also the ones that tend to have a very smart view on how these statistics works. Knowing your audience is crucial and the stats will show you who they are, how much of your content they engage with as well as when they respond, allowing you to tailor your promotion more to what they want and increase the chances of a potential customer seeing the content that will appeal to them.
Knowing the right platform
People use the term “social media” but it is worth remembering that there are numerous companies and platforms within that. You need to look at stats to see where your content is performing best, as this will give you the most reach.
Learn from your competition
It is not only your own statistics that can offer insight into how your business works. Looking at other companies and their performance on social media platforms will allow you to learn from what they are doing right but will also allow you to avoid their mistakes.
A potential source of promotion
A strong score on an employee review site, positive reviews online and other forms of feedback can be a useful promotional tool. These statistics can send out a strong message, showing that people trust what you have to offer them.
The right influence
We mentioned influencers earlier. This is not something that should be dismissed- recent figures suggest that nearly 50 per cent of customers followed recommendations from an influencer online.
However, it is also important to be aware of whether an influencer is appropriate to your particular brand. This is where being able to see if your statistics line up with the audience demographic of an influencer. It is not an exact science, but having the figures to hand gives you the best chance of choosing someone who would be appropriate to your brand (and on their side avoids accusations of “selling out”.
We’re here to help
At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we want to make the process of analysing social media statistics easier, allowing you to take advantage of this information while also reducing the amount of time you spend on the process.
As the name suggests, we can give you the tools you need in order to make your social media statistical analysis as effective as possible. For more information or to discuss your company’s needs in more detail please contact us today.