10 branding tips for 2021

Getting a brand out there can be tough. With recent worldwide events, there are a lot of challenges that businesses face when promoting themselves. Here are 10 branding tips to get your business out there in 2021.

Be a specialist

A lot of companies say “We do everything”. However, people online will often be looking for one specific thing. Focusing on a particular product or service (for example a café that does really excellent brownies) will stand out more than trying to please everyone.

Make a statement

A brand statement is a broad way of telling people who you are. This can change over time but it is a good way of getting across to people what you stand for. Whether you want people to “just do it” or want people to know “we’re not like the other guys” it helps give potential customers a message for them to buy into.

Make content

If people see a barren social media feed or you don’t regularly post videos on a video platform then they may wonder why that is. Regular content keeps you in people’s minds.

Have an online presence

This ties in with the making of content but it is more than that. It is about engaging with people and interacting. Making a connection will offer more long term growth and results.

Don’t be afraid of promotion

People are often afraid of promotion but it is important so people know who you are. Sponsor a Youtube channel, appear on a podcast, phone in a call-in show, there are a wide array of methods you can use to spread the word.

Brand consistency

A customer should be able to know your brand, regardless of what platform they see the message on. The content should have a voice that feels consistent with your message.

Use social media

Social media is something people can be nervous about. However, it does offer some great opportunities. A mistake people often make is not following others online. This is a good way of building up mutual contacts but it also makes clear you’re prepared to engage with others.

Find influencers

Famous people were touting products since the days of radio (this is where the term “soap opera” comes from).

There are influencers for all kinds of audiences and products. It’s a great opportunity to reach your audience and potentially open up a new one.

What do your customers want?

Whether it’s polls on social media, online surveys or chat platforms, you can find out more about what they want and tailor your branding accordingly.

Be real

People want to engage with an authentic voice and that voice is you. Don’t strive for perfection, just engage with people and in the long term you will find your audience.

We can help

Branding is something that takes time. At Digitoolbox, we have the tools you need to help you get more from promoting your business. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.