How to promote yourself on social media

Social media offers a lot of potential when it comes to promoting your business. It is relatively low cost, allows you to post the latest updates on events and is a great opportunity for interaction and feedback. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your social media promotion.

Choose the right platform

It is tempting to get accounts for every available platform and post messages across all of them. However, some platforms will be more appropriate for your company than others. For example, some are better suited to posting out images while others offer more interaction.

Another method is to use online surveys to find out what platforms your customer use. This will then make it easier to tailor your promotion based on where they go.

Check your profile

When you are signing up for a platform you should look at your profile. If the account is run by multiple people on your team then you may want to use a logo (ideally with a high res image) or if you are running it yourself use a picture of your own face. People often like accounts with a person’s face as it gives them a connection.

Another thing to look at is your bio description. Avoid using “My thoughts/views are my own” or a similar phrase. If you or someone posts something inappropriate on your profile this will still mean your company will be associated with it.

Platforms will also often allow pinned messages at the top. These are a useful way to draw attention to an upcoming event or the latest video you have uploaded.

Cross promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a way for people to find your company based on search engine results. One way to boost this is by linking to content on your website via social media.

As well as the posts themselves, you can further enhance this by posting images and including additional description, giving an extra boost to your SEO.

Balance your posts

It is important to remember the social aspect of social media. The old motto that “people buy from people” is just as true online as it is in a shop or at a networking event. Just as you wouldn’t constantly yell at someone to buy things in a shop or hand out business cards without interacting at a networking event, social media also requires a degree of interaction alongside promotion. Tell people about your day, share posts from local charities, discuss common interests with other people and businesses. Furthermore, hashtags related to your local area or business (For example #Bakinghour) will make it easier to find people to engage with.

We can help

At Digitoolbox, we are dedicated to giving people the means to get more from social media promotion. To find out more about our social media packages please contact our team today and we will be happy discuss what we can do to boost your business online.