Digital networking tips

It can be overwhelming when you first promote your business online. There are so many options when it comes to social media, video upload platforms and so forth. Here are a few digital networking tips to help you get more from your time promoting online.

Getting the balance right

When it comes to how you present yourself online, it helps to consider it an extension of a real life networking event. Yes, there are some people who come to networking events that shove business cards in people’s hands, shake hands aggressively, take the free food and pens, then go.

These people inevitably wonder why their networking isn’t going as planned. This is the equivalent of someone on their platform only selling their products. With something like social media or a blog, the quality of the content is also something that needs to be considered.

By contrast, it is also important to not go too far the other way as well. People sometimes think they can circumvent this by saying “My opinions are my own.”

The problem is that if you have an account with your business’ name on it or your account is for your business, then people will associate you with your business. Therefore be wary of what you post.

When is a good time to post?

When you post depends on who you are promoting to. If you are looking outside your local area or country, then you need to consider potential differences in timezones.

Fortunately, a lot of social media sites have the ability to pin posts at the top of a page or group, making it easier for you to highlight the most important content that you have to say.

Another way to narrow down when to post content is to use specific hashtags. These can apply to both local areas and different types of businesses. Typically these will last around an hour, with differing levels of interaction. Before posting in these hashtags, the best way to check is to look up the hashtag and see what other people are posting.

How to post confidently

It is important to be clear that there is a difference between being self-confident and arrogant. A person who posts about what they do and is passionate about it is good. By contrast, if someone is too self-deprecating then people can be put off (and equally if people make overly bold promises they can’t back up!)

There are of course exceptions- some people can make self-deprecation work and others can be cheeky and make “arrogance” a fun online persona. However, most people want to engage with someone they feel can offer what they need in a reasonably straight forward way.

We can help

We know that this can be difficult to deal with at first. This is why Digi Toolbox Ltd works hard to find resources that are best suited to help people get more from their digital networking. To find out more about how we can allow you to develop your digital promotion contact us today and we will be happy to discuss what you need in more detail.