The benefits of local marketing

When people think of marketing, they usually think of big campaigns, the kind used to spread the word about the latest blockbuster film or fragrance range. However, you may not realise that is possible to find ways to promote your business in your local area and here are a few benefits why this approach may be the best way.

Gauging your target audience

One of the biggest benefits of local marketing is it is easier to contact the people involved. Instead of trying to build with a massive, scattershot approach, it is easier to physically find people and talk to the,.

A good brand

People often feel more inclined to support a business if they know it is locally based. There is a level of pride in knowing that someone is doing well. This especially helps if you use local suppliers. It may be more expensive but it can be promotion in and of itself.

One way of doing this is to produce a video that shows how you are either part of the local area or involved with it. They don’t necessarily need to be slick or professional, it is about demonstrating your passion for where you live.

Access to local media

Local media is often easier to access than larger companies. It especially helps if your product is tied to a local event or community project. For example, if you sponsor a community gardening project and can demonstrate how it serves the public, it provides a positive image that people are more likely to share.

Focused social media

There are a number of local social media hashtags such as “Buy local” or “Local area hour.” A quick search should give you ones that are specific to your local area. In some cases all you have to do is interact with people, while others may involve being part of an organisation.  However, these organisations can provide additional benefits such as more support and more promotion through their newsletters, networking events and so forth.

Give back

An effective way to promote locally is to give back. Posting a review of a restaurant after you got a good takeaway, directing people who ask for local services to other businesses and providing regular shoutouts on social media platforms are all ways of letting people know you support businesses in your local area by showing it rather than just saying it.

Another example of this is sponsorship. Amateur theatre companies, campaigns to clean up towns and cities and other causes and projects all give people a positive view of what you have to offer.

We’re here to help

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from local marketing. To discuss the resources we have to help you get more from promoting your work please contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today and we will be happy to go over your requirements in more detail and find a package that will be suited to you and your business.