Why a good looking website could improve your business

Websites are increasingly become an essential part of a business’ promotional toolkit. While social media is important for communication, a website is still important as the hub of your online promotion. As such, this can often mean that your website is the first impression will have of your business and this is just one example of why a good looking website could improve your business.

Making a statement

Some people may feel they only need a basic website, effectively the equivalent of a brochure available online. However, there is the danger if this is put together in too simplistic away, the subconscious message a customer will think is “If they are not prepared to invest in their website, what other corners are they cutting?”

Standing out from the crowd

Another mistake people make is approaching companies who use certain templates. While it is possible to make sites look good in this way, there is the danger that people are wary of what these templates look like and so your website does not stand out from similar sites that use the same templates.

By using a bespoke or more distinct design, it creates a more positive message. It shows that you care enough to invest in a website that has been specifically tailored for your company and this is usually a good indication of a business that will go the extra mile for their customers.

Colour psychology

Another aspect to consider when designing your website is colour psychology. Have you ever thought about how washing powder brands tend to be in bright colours? The reason is pretty simple- people may be in a rush and they are more likely to pick up a brand with a brighter colour if it stands out from the other plainer colours on the shelf.

Colours in branding also evoke specific feelings. Yellow is often associated with warmth and a feeling of openness, while orange evokes a sense of confidence. Red equates to excitement and passion, purple tends to be thought of in terms of creativity, blue with integrity, green with nature and health while grey tends to make people think of balance and calm.

If you are redesigning your site, it is worth considering these psychological associations. By incorporating these colours, you are more likely to tap into your what your potential demographic associates with.

Using the right keywords

Using the right keywords is not just about search engine optimisation. It is also about the content that you use. Engaging content about what people want to look up will increase the chances of turning someone casually looking up what you have to offer and wanting to know more.

We can help

When it comes to creating a website, it helps to have someone who understands what you want to achieve from your website and online promotion, with the tools to do so effectively. Contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.