10 marketing tips for 2021

In recent times, social media has revolutionised how businesses can promote their business. But this is one example of how marketing has changed. Here are 10 marketing tips for 2021 that could revolutionise how you promote your business.

Update your website

Updating your website can take time. However, it is one of the most important aspects of spreading the word about your business. The average person spends 45 seconds looking at a website, so it is vital you make it as well presented and accessible as possible.

Making your website mobile accessible

Increasingly, more and more people are checking their smartphones rather than using a desktop to check sites online. It is worth checking that your site’s features are accessible and it looks aesthetically pleasing even when viewed on a smaller phone screen.

Answer questions

A lot of the time when someone wants to know something online, it will tend to be a question. Whether it is a chatbot that covers frequently asked questions or the most important details presented at the top of the site, engaging and informative content can make a big difference when it comes to marketing your business.

Use automation

Automation allows you to cut down on time consuming tasks, increasing productivity. This includes scheduling social media posts for multiple platforms, automated lead flow and make analytics easier with automated reporting.

Take advantage of video

Video content is a great way of engaging with customers, especially if the video comes with interactive elements. Demonstrating how a product works with a video is often more effective than an article describing how it works.

Update your logo and branding

A good way of indicating that your business has been updated is with a new logo and branding.

Analyse your spending

There is an old adage that “you need to spend money in order to make money”. While this is true the effectiveness of a campaign is not purely based on money.

For example, a company can say “We can get your business to the top of the search pages.” However, if the search page is not relevant to your business, it is unlikely to give you a return on your investment.

Who is your customer?

People are likely to respond to this with “everyone”. The problem is while any company would like to appeal to “everyone” you need to focus your promotion in some way.

The easiest way to do this is to create a customer “persona”, a person that your business is likely to appeal to.

Be yourself

The advice “Be yourself” can be deceptively difficult to follow. The temptation is to follow trends. But in the long term it is best to create a message that fits you and the customers you want to appeal to.

Get professional help

In order to give yourself the best chance to get a return on your marketing, it helps to talk to a professional. For more information on how we can help promote your business talk to Digi Toolbox Ltd.