The importance of digital marketing

People may be hesitant to get into digital marketing. However, this is a massive opportunity for your business. Effectively, digital marketing platforms can help level the playing field for smaller businesses, as well as giving more unique opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few examples of why digital marketing is important for promoting your business.


One of the biggest advantages with digital marketing is the level of interaction. Some people may be afraid that customers can use it to post bad reviews. However, you can turn this around. By engaging with your customers, you can learn and improve your business via this feedback.

Equally, you can use it to talk with customers about what they want, tailoring your products and services to suit them.

A global marketplace

Another massive advantage with digital marketing is the potential reach. Anyone from around the world can engage with your brand message. You could end up selling to other markets that previously wouldn’t be possible.

More effective local promotion

Conversely, digital marketing can also be a useful way to zero in on the local area. For example on social media you can use hashtags that refer to your specific local area. This then makes it easier to talk with local people and businesses, creating an online community that can be there even if your shop isn’t open.

More affordable

The fact is that traditional broadcast media can be expensive to advertise on. A small corner advert on a magazine or an off peak television advert is unlikely to give you the returns you need to justify the investment you would put in to this kind of promotion.

By contrast, it is more affordable and relatively cost effective to promote your business on digital platforms. For example, it doesn’t cost that much to produce your own videos and upload them to a video platform. This is something that can then be shared on social media. If the content is good enough then people will share it.

Better analysis

One aspect of digital promotion that is beneficial is the ability to track how the marketing is going. You can look at who is looking at your content and when, breaking down the demographics. From there it is a lot easier to tailor what you do in order to approach your target audience (and in some cases your target audience may be different from what you thought). Over time, this will make your promotional activity more efficient and better targeted.

Getting out there

Simply put, your customers are already out there online and the sooner you are able to promote to them, the sooner you are likely to get a return on the investment and the effort you put into your digital marketing.

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