A brief guide to telephony support services

Telephony support services can be massively beneficial to your business. They can make them more efficient and cut numerous long term costs. Here is a quick guide to the various telephony services and what they could potentially do to benefit your business in both the short and the long term.

The three main telephony support services

Three primary telephony services exist. The first is the on-premises box, often called a PBX or telephone switch. Here, each individual has a unique line.

VoIP, unlike PBX, uses broadband or data. It’s more cost-effective than on-premises options. It offers clearer voice calls, free inter-site calls, and multi-site usability.

Lastly, hosted VoIP operates on a cloud platform. It’s cheaper than PBX, offers greater flexibility, requires less maintenance, and lowers operating costs.

Additional features

Choosing a system type is crucial, but its features are equally important. Some systems offer conferencing, reducing unnecessary meetings, a staff-favorite.

Efficient call transferring is beneficial. It streamlines directing callers to the right department, minimizing hassle.

Features also support teleworking and remote work. Recent events highlighted the need for remote capabilities. Even as office life resumes, the demand for flexible work remains.

With equal office access, there’s no risk of being marked “out of the office” mistakenly.

Additionally, personalization options exist. Unique ringtones for specific clients prepare you for incoming calls.

The right system for you

Different systems and features exist. What suits one company might not fit another. Some features may benefit you but not others.

Thus, consulting with telephony professionals is valuable. They’re experienced in installation and maintenance. Digi Toolbox Ltd can identify tools to enhance your business efficiency. For more on telephony services, contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today.