A brief guide to telephony support services

Telephony support services can be massively beneficial to your business. They can make them more efficient and cut numerous long term costs. Here is a quick guide to the various telephony services and what they could potentially do to benefit your business in both the short and the long term.

The three main telephony support services

There are three main varieties of telephony services. The first is the traditional setup of an on premises box, typically referred to as either a PBX or telephone switch. In this setup, each person has a line that is unique to them.

VoIP differs from PBX as it operates via broadband or data connection. The main advantage is that this option is more affordable than the on premises alternative. It also has other additional benefits such as better clarity on voice calls, free calls between different sites and a single system that can be used across a number of sites.

Finally a hosted VoIP system uses a cloud based platform. It is beneficial because it is more affordable than a PBX, a more flexible system to use, as well as being lower maintenance and reducing operating costs.

Additional features

While the type of system is important to consider, it is also worth looking at what features come with the system. For example, some will allow for conferencing, allowing you to cut out needless meetings (something your staff will thank you for).

More efficient call transferring can be very useful as well. Making it easier to direct people to the department they need can cut out a lot of unnecessary hassle.

There are also features available that can make teleworking and remote working a lot easier. This is something that has been a major issue in recent times, when people have physically not been able to be present in the office. While people are returning to office life, even before the pandemic there was a desire for more flexible working.

By having the same access that someone has in the office, it means you don’t have to worry about being accidentally labelled as “out of the office” when you are not.

There is also the opportunity for personalisation, such as having a specific ringtone for certain clients or types of clients, so you can be ready to react to what is likely to come up.

The right system for you

As stated before, there are different systems and different features that are available. What setup may work for some companies may not be appropriate for others. Likewise, there will be some features that will work for you that might not be ideal for others.

Therefore, it is worth talking with professionals who will be used to telephony systems, both in terms of the installation and maintenance. By talking to Digi Toolbox Ltd, they can help to find the tools that will help make your business more efficient. To find out more about the range of telephony services available contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today.