How to incorporate e-commerce into your website

Recent times have highlighted the importance of online business. It is no longer just for big players- smaller businesses have survived thanks to being able to sell goods online when they have not access to physical locations. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, e-commerce should be a factor when looking at your online strategy. Here are a few tips to help you incorporate e-commerce into your website.
When working with your designer, it is important to ensure the theme of the e-commerce part of your site integrates with the rest of your website. The next aspect is what products to add initially- ideally your most popular ranges should be added to start with, before integrating the rest of the range later on.
Also you should be able to have your own independent page when using something such as a shopping cart tool, as this will make it easier for people to find your website’s e-commerce section in search engine results pages.
When your e-commerce section is ready, it is vital that it is properly tested. This is not just in terms of the professional who has set up your page but also someone who doesn’t know your business. Ideally, it should be user-friendly enough so that it can easily be found and navigated.
This process is important as it can also mean that any mistakes can be properly addressed.
Adding a blog can be an effective way of getting traffic to the e-commerce part of your website. Ideally, the platform you use should have blogging as an additional feature. This can then add to search engine results, meaning more potential online footfall.
Furthermore, the blog is an opportunity to keep people informed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be directly about the products- it can be about news in your industry or give people an insight into your personal background, which in turn can give more context when they seek out the products on your site.
Social media is also important for this- the addition of sharing icons can make it easier for people to direct others toward your e-commerce site. Product reviews can also be potentially added, giving people more opportunities to get feedback on what you have to offer (though be careful not to add planted reviews as people will pick up on that and it could negatively affect your business.)
When setting up the e-commerce part of your site, check to see what payment options can be added. Giving people more options to pay will give you more chances of getting those all-important sales.
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