A quick introduction to social media management

People can be cynical about social media. However, there are a number of different platforms available and numerous ways that they can be used to promote your business at a relatively low cost. With the right social media management tools, it is possible to reap the benefits of a targeted social media campaign.

Be better informed

One method that a social media management company or expert would use this platform is to create a breakdown of who your customers are based on their interaction. This can include aspects such as when they like to shop for items, their personal preferences and so forth. For example, polls can be a great way to get a quick summary of what people think.

Better social interaction

A big fear that companies have is someone inappropriately using business accounts and that reflecting badly on the company as a whole. A management firm or expert can create clear guidelines on how people should interact on social media platforms. For example, if someone posts a negative review, they can show someone the most effective way of responding.

Finding your “tribe”

People often talk about your “tribe” but it is a good way of illustrating what to look out for. With the right research you can find the most loyal customers on social media platforms. Furthermore, if you actively check for feedback and respond proactively (ie before someone calls you out) then this can often be a great opportunity to resolve an issue, thus turning a negative situation into a positive one.

More engagement

One potential issue with company social media accounts is that one is very different from another, resulting in brand confusion. Proper management will look at a more consistent branding, both in terms of what you post and the visual aspects.

Interactivity is also important- the key term is “social”. Quizzes, polls and competitions are all ways to get people involved. Sharing local community projects, commenting on relevant hashtags and so forth can also emphasise that you are not just on the platform to sell.

Another element of this can be offering insights based on your industry- it may be that your bakery uses traditional family recipes that aren’t available elsewhere or you have a fun video of what happens when you’re setting up for a trade fair.

Over time, this will help to make people trust you more and increase the bond with your customers so that they will want to engage with you and come to you if they need something. If you are at an event, people don’t like hearing the same words over and over or getting flyers handed to them, so it is best to not do the equivalent while promoting on social media.

Here to help

If you are interested in how social media management can benefit your business, please contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today to see the social media and other digital marketing packages they have available that will give you the tools you need to promote your business online.