How your business can benefit from hosted telephony

Recent times have highlighted the need for a more flexible workforce. Even before the global pandemic, there was an increased emphasis on remote working. In order to meet those needs for both companies and the staff who work for them, it is recommended to use a hosted telephony service to maintain a reliable level of communication.

Cutting costs

Another issue for businesses is where to cut costs in order to make your business run as efficiently as possible. Hosted telephony can significantly cut the cost of your local and international calls, giving you significant savings over the course of each month.

In terms of initial installation, hosted telephony is more affordable compared to the analogue alternative.

Better remote working

One concern about remote working is how effectively a system works when someone isn’t physically in the office. A hosted system can ensure that the same phone number can be used across any number of devices, so you are only “out of the office” when you want to be.

This more efficient setup can also be a potential way of opening up the jobs market, attracting people from further afield who could be an asset to your company.

Easier to relocate

Generally speaking, people will start businesses with the aim of having those businesses grow. The problem with analogue setups is that if you move, then you end up having to get a new installation in a different location. With a hosted setup, it can be a lot more flexible so that you can grow with your business without worrying about changing phone numbers etc.

What this means you can add more people as you grow. This could be both in terms of people in your office but also others that work remotely.

Extra features

Hosted telephony systems also often come with extra features as standard. These can include three way calling, ideal for situations such as phone interviews if you want someone else to listen in and give you feedback. Conferencing is also important in a similar way, allowing you to address more people and cutting out unnecessary physical meetings (which in turn can save you more money in the long term).

With call forwarding, it also becomes easier to get someone to the right department and talk to the right person, reducing hassle for the customer or client on the line.

Alongside the standard features that come with the initial setups, new features can also easily be added, changed or managed by your administrator as required when your business grows. Maintenance and support is also on hand so that any issues can be dealt with as required.

Find out more

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