A brief guide to cloud backup

There are a number of articles talking about “the cloud”, “cloud servers” and “cloud backup.” It can be overwhelming, so it is worth knowing more about what cloud backup is and more importantly how it can benefit your business.

Protecting your data

In order to understand how beneficial cloud backup can be, you should look at the alternative, a physical backup or server. The problem with a physical backup or server is that it can be damaged, in turn damaging the data within.

The danger with this is that it can slow or in some cases totally halt your business operations. This can then damage your relationship with your customers. You can go to a retrieval specialist, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to recover your data.

A cloud backup is different in that it is not based within a physical server. Therefore, if there are any situations that would otherwise damage a physical server this would not be a problem with data that is based inside a cloud backup.

Increasingly, more businesses are allowing flexible and remote based working. This can mean that people are accessing data via their own devices. Therefore it makes sense to give everyone secure access to the same data and cloud backup is ideal for this.

Cutting out human error

We are often encouraged to backup data as regularly as possible. However, people are human and things can happen when you forget to do a backup. With a cloud based system, the backup process can be automated, allowing you access to up to date information.

This also means cutting back on maintenance costs as any technician only has to work on recovering the data as opposed to physically repairing a server or drive.

Hackers are also a potential threat that companies need to be aware of- a lot of businesses will offer backup to around 30 days. The problem is if the hack happens outside of that time it may not be possible to get your data back. People often make the mistake of assuming that hackers mainly target larger businesses. In reality, they will attack anywhere with lax security and sometimes this can even help them access larger companies.


With any small business, what you spend your money on is a crucial consideration both in the short and long term. Physical servers can be very expensive to run and maintain, especially if you have your own in-house IT support present during opening hours. A cloud based backup system reduces a lot of these costs by removing the need to supervise and maintain something physically present that could get damaged.

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