The importance of website support

In order to understand the importance of website support, the best way is to imagine that your website is a shop. When most shops are initially built, they look attractive, meaning that people want to go inside to have a look and see what they have to offer.

Now let’s imagine that over time the person running the shop doesn’t clean the windows, the store displays never change and the people inside don’t smile as people walk past. While this may sound extreme, this could be the impression if your site is not properly supported.

Keeping an eye on things

Even if you choose not to post new content on a website (effectively making it an online brochure) there are still things that need to be done in order to ensuring it is properly maintained.

For example, there is the risk of hackers exploiting security that isn’t properly updated or you can get inundated with spam comments. If you don’t renew your domain name a competitor could potentially buy it.

Getting your business out there

Online algorithms change on a regular basis. What may have worked even a few months ago may not be enough to get your site up the search engine rankings. This is why it helps to have people on your team with the up to date knowledge to ensure the content of your site has the right keyword density and looks reasonably up to date.

There are also practical issues- if you change your phone number, location, products or services, it helps if you can have someone update your site and keep the changes looking presentable.

Don’t get fined

One of the biggest potential issues with a data breach is the new GDPR rules. If you have been found to not react fast enough or report a breach then you could potentially be prosecuted or fined.

It is important to remember that hackers do not solely focus on larger companies. Some will hack smaller businesses because they are easier while others use them as a potential gateway to attack larger businesses.

Have a backup

In the worst case scenario, a hacker or another factor could potentially bring down your website. In this instance there is the danger of losing your content. Even with the most basic website, this is not something you want to redo again.

A professional working on your site’s maintenance should back it up on a regular basis. It should mean that even in the event that your website goes down then it should be possible to get your site back up and running relatively quickly. This is important because if you can avoid it you don’t want the word about your site going down spreading too quickly before you can resolve the issue.

We can help

At Digi Toolbox Ltd we want you to get the most from your online promotion. To find out more about how we can help you maintain your website please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your individual requirements in more detail.