Top 5 cyber security tips

Businesses are often vulnerable to viruses, hacks and ransomware threats. A mistake companies often make is thinking “We’re just a small company, why would someone want to hack us?” Ironically, this is often precisely the reason why these small companies are targeted and why it is important to ensure you are properly protected. Here are the top 5 cyber security tips that you need to know.

Keep software up to date

A big area that hackers exploit is security systems that are not up to date. It is recommended that you activate automatic software updates, as well as using anti-virus protections and firewalls.

Use strong passwords

While it is tempting to use a simple password you can remember, this is often something that can catch people out. Ideally you should use a password generator and have this saved, as this will make it harder to crack.

Alternatively, you can use an eight-character password if that will be easier for you, but remember to include a capital letter, a number and symbols. Don’t write it down anywhere (you can always reset your password if you forget it, something that as a rule you should be doing at least once a year anyway).

Use multi-factor authentication

An additional stage of authentication adds an extra layer of security- Someone may be able to guess your password, but if there is an additional PIN number or fingerprint scan this becomes harder to break.

With a PIN number, avoid using potentially identifiable numbers such as your birthdate as hackers may be able to find that information elsewhere.

Beware of scams

You can have the best security system, put in all the right measures, but it can all be ruined if someone clicks on a link they are not supposed to. Check for unusual email addresses, odd syntax in the messages and if it’s someone you don’t know, don’t open it.

Remember, if someone you know has opened one of these they can be infected too, so be wary of anything from friends that has an odd subject as well (If you’re not sure contact them another way, such as text or social media message).

Check mobile devices

More people are working remotely, so it is more important than ever to check that your mobile devices are properly protected too. As with your desktop or laptop, use any security options (such as PIN numbers or fingerprint authentication) and update software on a regular basis.

It is also recommended that you regularly back up your information in the cloud or other forms of backup so that you can retrieve data in the event of any disruption.

We can help

At Digi Toolbox Ltd, we work closely with our clients to maintain their technology and keep it properly protected. To find out more about what we can do for you, please contact us today so we can go over your requirements and find some options to suit the needs of you and your business.