The importance of website support

People often think “I’ve made a website for my business and that will do.” However, whether you have a basic brochure website or something higher-end, it is important for both your business and your customers that is properly looked after. Here are few reasons why website support is so important for you and your business.


In many ways, a website can often be the shop window for your business online and therefore will often be the first thing that people see. Therefore it is important that it looks as up to date as possible and is user-friendly for any potential customer that wants to use it.

While it is possible to handle your own website (there are a lot that allow you to post updates yourself) there is always the risk of entering the wrong code or posting a page that doesn’t line up right. Therefore it is better to have website support on hand to ensure everything is running well but also looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

Don’t forget to renew your domain name

Some companies may only want a basic brochure website so that people can see at a glance what their products and services are with some basic contact information. While that is fine, it is important to remember to renew your domain name on a regular basis.

If you do not do this, a person or company can come in and purchase the domain name. This can mean having to pay out a lot more money in order to get it back, so you are better off ensuring that the domain name is regularly renewed.

Keep up with the trends

The nature of the internet changes all the time, especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation). It is a massive benefit to have website support professionals who can maintain and update your website so it is easily found among relevant searches.

Another issue this ties into is security- there is often the assumption that hackers only want to go for the bigger companies. This isn’t true- if your site is outdated then this can compromise the website’s security. This is especially important given that in recent years more companies are handling sensitive data on their sites, so you need to be sure that security on your website is kept up to date and the best way to do that is via professional website support.

In the most severe cases, a hack could result in your website going down and could prove costly, especially if people pay for products or services through your site. Website support can often get your site back as they will usually have backups on their servers in order to counter these potential threats.

We’re here to help

When it comes to keeping your website secure and up to date, Digi Toolbox Ltd is here to work with you and adapt to your needs. To find out more about our website support packages and how they will work best for your business please contact us today.