Mortgages & Computers

By Digiadmin | 05 Mar 2017

Computers and mortgages, previously, were never seen in the same sentence. However over the last few years that has changed tremendously. With mortgage lenders now using computers and algorithms to decide whether they will lend you money, now is the best time to use a mortgage adviser. A professional mortgage adviser will usually know how…

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How To Ensure Your Regular Customers Stay Your Regular Customers

By Dee Bushrod | 24 Feb 2017

It is understandable that businesses look for new customers and to be constantly on the lookout for sales. This should not be at the expense of loyal customers, the people who will often help you through difficult times. This is why it is vital to know how to ensure your regular customers stay your regular…

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How To Beat The January Sales Slump For Your Small Business

By Dee Bushrod | 17 Feb 2017

January is traditionally a tough time for businesses. This is especially true for smaller companies for the simple reason that they do not have the ability to discount on the level of larger high street companies and websites. However, this is not impossible- here are a few ways how your small business can boost your…

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Email Autoresponders: Are You Doing It Wrong?

By Dee Bushrod | 10 Feb 2017

An email autoresponder is a tool allowing people to automatically respond to an email from a customer. In the right hands this can help save a lot of time. However if done incorrectly it can seem awkward and impersonal which is why it is important to know how to use an autoresponder in the right…

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The Very First Steps Of A Small Business Marketing Strategy

By Dee Bushrod | 03 Feb 2017

When running a small business, it can be very daunting when first looking to promoting it. There are a lot of details to consider but with a few simple steps it is possible to formulate a strategy that works for you.   Who is your target audience? This is the first thing to consider but…

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Identifying Customers That Will Make Your Business Grow

By Dee Bushrod | 20 Jan 2017

Most people looking at this will think “Surely you want any customers you can get?” While this is true in some respects it isn’t always the case. For example, let’s say you run a restaurant. You get 100 customers in a day and 80 of them have a 2-course meal and a drink but leave…

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How To Beat The January Sales Lull

By Dee Bushrod | 06 Jan 2017

For a lot of people, January can be a tough time- it’s after Christmas, people have less money to spend and in some cases, are stressing out trying to lose weight, quit smoking, learn Mandarin or any number of other resolutions! Unfortunately for small businesses, this can be especially tough as they deal with less…

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A Few Months On What Are The Implications For Brexit On Small Businesses?

By Dee Bushrod | 16 Dec 2016

The historic vote on Britain leaving the EU (aka Brexit) has already seen some interesting changes. While the details are still being worked out (and with Parliament now discussing it) it is difficult to say for certain on a number of aspects of the referendum vote. However, it is important to look at the impact…

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Content Marketing- What Is The Fuss All About?

By Dee Bushrod | 09 Dec 2016

You may have seen references to content marketing without necessarily knowing what it is or how it applies to your business. However it is something that can be massively beneficial without necessarily having to be expensive. Spreading the word Essentially content marketing is about things people will engage with that do not necessarily feel too…

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