Networking for SMEs- does it really produce business growth?

By Dee Bushrod | 07 Oct 2016

People can often be nervous or cynical about networking. There is the fear of presenting your business in front of other people and talking in public coupled with the feeling that this doesn’t lead to sales. However, it is important to look at what networking is and how to get the best results. Different types…

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Brexit: Impact on Small Business

By Dee Bushrod | 04 Oct 2016

It is said that Brexit has been one of the most significant events in recent history in terms of potential impact. Prior to the vote there was a debate as to how much it would affect small businesses, with some feeling that Brexit would reduce interference from Europe and benefits for export businesses while by…

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What Lessons Can Small Business Learn From The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

By Dee Bushrod | 23 Sep 2016

While most people wouldn’t be surprised that a mobile app featuring Pokémon is popular it is hard to convey just how enormous this game has been in a short space of time. Effectively this game has saved Nintendo’s year, providing profits at a time when their Wii U console sales were relatively sluggish. What you…

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The Benefits Of Blogging: Why Establishing A Blog Is Beneficial To Your Business

By Dee Bushrod | 02 Sep 2016

Most businesses are now aware of the importance of having a website. However while having somewhere for people to see your details is just one aspect- having a regular blog can benefit your business in a number of different ways and below are just a few examples. Share A regular blog can show that you…

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ended – What You Need To Know

By Dee Bushrod | 01 Aug 2016

Windows 10 was hailed as one of the most major Windows upgrades in recent years. In a bold move Microsoft launched it with what they said was a year long free trial. However now that the free trial period is about to end (deadline is 29th July) it is important to know what you need…

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A guide to cloud/hybrid IT solutions

By Dee Bushrod | 18 Jul 2016

In simple terms a cloud/hybrid IT system involves a combination of on site computer systems, private and public cloud systems. The reason why you may want to consider this kind of solution is because it can allow for a greater flexibility. For example, if you have something more sensitive that you want protecting then you…

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The benefits of hosted telephony

By Dee Bushrod | 18 May 2016

There are numerous reasons why hosted telephony could potentially benefit your business. In this article we are going to look at the various factors behind why you should consider having a hosted telephony system in your business environment.   What is it? Instead of having on site hardware the system uses the internet to connect…

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The benefits of Office 365

By Dee Bushrod | 04 May 2016

Any business can benefit from increased productivity. Office 365 comes in two editions (small business and enterprise) with both designed to help individuals and companies get more from their time. In order to decide if Office 365 can help you here is a rundown of the benefits for you and your business.   Access It…

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By Dee Bushrod | 06 Feb 2016

The concept of switching off the ISDN network is certainly nothing new and has been rumoured and discussed for years. However, not the talk is over and it is happening. BT have even given a date; 2015. Late last year the BT Group CEO stated that BT intend to migrate all customers on to the…

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