Grant suspended, Digi Toolbox offer free installation

By Dee Bushrod | 13 Oct 2015

After Notification that the £3000 government Grant scheme has been suspended. Digi Toolbox will be offering FREE installation instead We write to notify you that the Connection Voucher Scheme (“the Scheme”) has been suspended with immediate effect. The funds available to the Scheme are close to being fully committed and it has now become necessary to…

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Benjamin Bailey – 3aaa’s IT Apprentice with Digi Toolbox

By Dee Bushrod | 08 Oct 2015

Ben Bailey came to us looking for an IT apprenticeship and we found him one, unfortunately it wasn’t what he was looking for. I received a call from Kirsty Campbell within HR at Digi Toolbox who was keen to see how we can be of assistance in providing the business with an IT apprentice and…

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Is Twitter Right For Your Business?

By Dee Bushrod | 07 Oct 2015

One of the most frequent questions we get from small and large businesses alike here at Digi Toolbox HQ is “should we be using Twitter?” or “Is there a business benefit to social media?” Well, there are about 1 billion registered Twitter users, with 241 million monthly active users. The average Twitter user has 208…

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Still Time To Claim Your Grant

By Dee Bushrod | 24 Sep 2015

To date, 27,300 vouchers have been issued and £31.3m has been committed against the £40m funding allocation. At the current run rate of £1.4m per week there is only a short time remaining to place orders for new internet connections to benefit from the grant. Every business in the UK can benefit from a fast,…

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Still Time To Claim Your £3000

By Dee Bushrod | 31 Aug 2015

There is still time to gain a government grant of £3000 to enhance your business connectivity. This one off offer will end at the beginning of next year. The really big news is the government has added a number of new locations – so make sure you check again (see below) Every business in the…

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The Next Change From OFCOM

By Dee Bushrod | 10 Aug 2015

Ofcom (the communications regulator here in the UK) have recently taken the decision to make moving broadband suppliers follow a process more similar to that which the phone line providers have been using for years….. OFCOM have been very busy over the last few months with lots of good, bad and indifferent announcements that are…

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Did Windows 10 Break The Internet?

By Dee Bushrod | 04 Aug 2015

I never thought I would talk about Microsoft and Kim Kardashian in the same blog but now it seems I have to. As they both “broke the internet”. On it’s launch day, everything seemed to be plain sailing but it seems the staggered roll-out meant that when lots of small firms turned on their computers…

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Want £10 Million? Design The First Smart City

By Dee Bushrod | 31 Jul 2015

In case you don’t know the big buzz phrase this year is the Internet of Things (IoT for short). This is simply where everything you won is connected to the internet. The first step was the rise in “Smart TV’s” but expect smart fridges, heating and even kettles in the near future meaning that you…

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What Businesses Need To Know About Windows 10

By Dee Bushrod | 28 Jul 2015

The press surrounding the launch of the new Windows 10 platform is really beginning to build. There is a huge amount that has been written and predicted but here are our top reasons to be excited about the launch of Windows 10:   It Is Free!! Well sort of. Microsoft are offering a free upgrade…

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