Want £10 Million? Design The First Smart City

By Dee Bushrod | 31 Jul 2015

In case you don’t know the big buzz phrase this year is the Internet of Things (IoT for short). This is simply where everything you won is connected to the internet. The first step was the rise in “Smart TV’s” but expect smart fridges, heating and even kettles in the near future meaning that you…

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What Businesses Need To Know About Windows 10

By Dee Bushrod | 28 Jul 2015

The press surrounding the launch of the new Windows 10 platform is really beginning to build. There is a huge amount that has been written and predicted but here are our top reasons to be excited about the launch of Windows 10:   It Is Free!! Well sort of. Microsoft are offering a free upgrade…

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Are Smart Watches Safe?

By Dee Bushrod | 24 Jul 2015

After a slightly slow start the long discussed Smartwatch revolution is in full flow. However, it would seem that this new category means a new target group for hackers! This week research on these devices has highlighted some significant vulnerabilities in the 2015 must have device. A study by Hewlett-Packard’s HP Fortify found “that 100…

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Windows 10 – Should You Be Excited?

By Dee Bushrod | 23 Jul 2015

The release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform is a pretty big deal for all UK businesses and will certainly create some waves when it is finally released in just under a month. Its true impact will be meaningful to us all for many years to come. People have asked does Windows 10 has enough differences…

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End of Windows Server 2003 – What Are The Real Risks?

By Dee Bushrod | 21 Jul 2015

So it is only a month until Microsoft close the coffin, sprinkle some dirt and say a prayer – rest in peace Windows Server 2003. By now I imagine over 20 IT companies have told you about the end of support, the risks of doing nothing and the apocalypse that will befall any business should…

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New Samsung Tablet Is Lighter Than Air

By Dee Bushrod | 21 Jul 2015

Samsung are in a strange position in both the mobile and tablet world right now. It would almost seem like they are simply mimicking Apple and not pushing out on their own. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is being cheekily referred to as the “Samsung Galaxy Air” by many insiders but could…

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Spam Down, But A New Threat Emerges

By Dee Bushrod | 19 Jul 2015

There was some extremely interesting news regarding Spam this week (the junk mail, not the canned meat). Whilst we seem to hear about cyber attacks every day – especially the high profile ones. It would appear that good old spam seems to be on the decrease! It was also revealed that the number of high-profile…

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If You Can't Beat Them…Pay Them!

By Dee Bushrod | 16 Jul 2015

The American aviation giant, United Airlines, have taken a radical step to ensure their business security I as protected as possible. It was announced yesterday that the company has rewarded a number of internet hackers with millions of air miles for highlighting vulnerabilities in their web security. The hacker didn’t even attack them! UA provided…

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It Has Finally Been Confirmed…

By Dee Bushrod | 15 Jul 2015

We all knew it was coming but this week a senior Google executive confirmed it. We can now reveal that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” However, it did not elaborate what the other eight countries were. However, Digi Toolbox can now…

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