Heard About Microsoft Edge?

By Dee Bushrod | 08 Jun 2015

The new edition of the ever-dominant Windows platform (Windows 10) will see some new features to the Microsoft Edge service. In case you don’t know, Microsoft Edge is the next-generation replacement to the aging Internet Explorer (IE) platform. This new service promises to be faster, more intuitive and streamlined compared to it’s predecessor. Microsoft Edge…

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The End of ISDN

By Dee Bushrod | 28 May 2015

The latest news coming from BT is the end is now in sight for the aging UK ISDN network. Gavin Patterson, BT Group CEO, has announced that BT intend to migrate all customers on to the IP network by 2025. This plan is not really new but for the first time there is now an…

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Changes to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers

By Dee Bushrod | 28 Apr 2015

You may have heard there are changes coming on 1st July to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers. Here is the latest from OFCOM: As from 1 July 2015 in accordance with Ofcom requirements:- All 080 (Freephone) numbers will be free to call from UK mobiles as well as from UK landlines. If you use 080…

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Fame At Last!

By Dee Bushrod | 28 Apr 2015

Digitool box Director, Mark Viccars was a guest on a weekly panel show on Solent TV last week. Mark was asked about a range of differing local and national issues. He was also quizzed over the future of communications and disaster recovery concerns for modern businesses. Mark said “The Solent TV channel is a great…

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Disaster Recovery – Where to Start

By Dee Bushrod | 14 Apr 2015

It would seem a day does not go by where we don’t hear about the increased need for businesses to develop strong business continuity strategies and actively look to demonstrate disaster recovery plans. This means phone line faults, network hacking, crisis plans, supply stockpiles, communication chains, disaster training, data backups and more must all be…

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Get Mobile or Lose in Google

By Dee Bushrod | 24 Mar 2015

As of the 1st April 2015 Google will actively penalise businesses with websites that are not responsive to mobile devices. This means that it will hurt your online presence if your website does not take into account the differing screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. This represents a real double whammy for business owners as…

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Average Broadband Speeds Now Over 22MB!

By Dee Bushrod | 26 Feb 2015

This impressive figure offered by OfCom just this morning had me choking on my Corn Flakes. It would appear that this is the figure for UK households, as I would suggest the business broadband world is nowhere near this developed.The advent of Virgin Cable and BT FFTC (Infinity) has pushed this average up to the…

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You Web Life Beyond the Grave!

By Dee Bushrod | 12 Feb 2015

Whilst many of us would rather not consider our ultimate demise, right now Facebook is making it’s users consider what happens to their account after their death! Facebook has historically struggled with what happens to profiles once the owner passes away. The idea of deleting an entire Facebook life is unpalatable for many people. In…

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Why Should Your Business Blog?

By Dee Bushrod | 01 Feb 2015

Here at Digitoolbox HQ we are huge fans of blogging. They are simple, original and fun! There are also some other great benefits for your business. It is now pretty well known that Google loves fresh content and what is fresher than an informative blog. This can really help with your Google ranking and push…

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