Happy Christmas 2012

By Dee Bushrod | 20 Dec 2012

Happy Christmas from all of us at Digi Toolbox We’ve had a busy year in 2012. We’ve completed our merger with Silver Lining Convergence, opening up an impressive portfolio of IT & Telecommunication products/services that any web services company would be proud of. Some of the interesting achievements of this year: We’ve had a website translated…

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Save On Call Costs

By Dee Bushrod | 10 Dec 2012

We are taking on more and more customers wanting to save money on their call costs. To save on call costs we are able to reduce the ppm (pence per minute) you pay for making calls. We can also help you save on call costs by offering you NGNs (Non-Geographic Numbers) that your customers phone but…

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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

By Dee Bushrod | 05 Nov 2012

Having spoken to clients about online marketing, it appears that web designers are still using acronyms (e.g. PPC) without explaining what they mean or using examples. As you will see from the screen shot below, there is PPC in the SERP… make sense?! No? If someone came up to you and said they had “PPC…

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Free CMS Upgrade

By Dee Bushrod | 09 Oct 2012

We are offering a free CMS upgrade for all clients looking at having a brochure website built! What does CMS stand for? CMS stands for Content Management System. This means that the website is built with a system that allows you as the website owner to log in and change the content and images easily and from anywhere. What…

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New TLD Domain Types

By Dee Bushrod | 01 Oct 2012

There are some new TLD (Top Level Domain) types soon to launch; here’s a sneak peek. If you wish to check if any are available, please use our domain name checker. .TECH will be the TLD domain for innovators and heads of the technology industry. Organisations ranging from software houses and hardware manufactures, to domestic electronics and even to…

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Win Win Or No Deal

By Dee Bushrod | 20 Sep 2012

We have a different approach to many web design companies, we hire no sales staff! That’s right, all our staff are either geeks or boring (work in accounts, no offence meant!). When you meet or speak to any of our staff, the aim is to deliver what you want, not what we want to sell.…

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Pay As You Go Websites

By Dee Bushrod | 31 Jul 2012

We know how important it is to get your company on-line so we have come up with the perfect solution which avoids those high start up costs. Ideal for small businesses and start-ups, our range of affordable Pay As You Go website packages help you grow your business on-line from a small splash to a…

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Digital Marketing

By Dee Bushrod | 24 Jun 2012

All our websites are built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind – it’s not an added extra. But for continued support, advice and proactive management we can provide you with ongoing digital marketing services to keep visitors hooked on your site. Our in-house experts include IDM qualified digital marketing specialists, professional copywriters and proof…

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Knock knock. Who’s there? Find out with analytics

By Dee Bushrod | 17 May 2012

Do you know who is visiting your website? How many, when, from where? And what are they looking at on your website, from which page do they leave..? Can you measure the success of your website without knowing the answers to those questions – I wouldn’t be able to which is why I have web…

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