Top 5 cyber security tips

By Digiadmin | 04 Dec 2021

Businesses are often vulnerable to viruses, hacks and ransomware threats. A mistake companies often make is thinking “We’re just a small company, why would someone want to hack us?” Ironically, this is often precisely the reason why these small companies are targeted and why it is important to ensure you are properly protected. Here are…

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Tips for effective content writing

By Digiadmin | 15 Nov 2021

When people think of marketing and promoting, they will usually think in terms of visuals. However, you should not neglect the quality of the writing that goes with the visuals as this could put people off if there are obvious grammatical errors or the wording feels clunky. Here are a few tips for effective content…

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Why your business needs SEO

By Digiadmin | 08 Nov 2021

You may well have seen blogs, videos and so forth refer to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It sounds complicated but on a basic level it is about finding ways to get your business, brand etc to the top of search engine rankings. It is easy to be dismissive, thinking this is an extra bit of…

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How to create an effective e-commerce website

By Digiadmin | 29 Oct 2021

An e-commerce website is a great way to increase potential sales. It becomes more convenient for people to buy your product and that will usually mean they buy it more often. However, in order to do this it is not enough to simply have e-commerce as part of your website. It needs to be designed…

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The importance of website support

By Digiadmin | 14 Oct 2021

In order to understand the importance of website support, the best way is to imagine that your website is a shop. When most shops are initially built, they look attractive, meaning that people want to go inside to have a look and see what they have to offer. Now let’s imagine that over time the…

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Make the most of social media with social media management

By Digiadmin | 30 Sep 2021

Social media is a platform that allows a level of interaction with customers and businesses that would not have been possible years ago. Naturally, this means that some businesses can be hesitant. It may be that they don’t understand the value of social media or may be anxious about how much they will be able…

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How to get the best web design

By Digiadmin | 15 Sep 2021

While social media has allowed for more reach, there is still something about a website that provides a central hub for your online activity. It is where you can present what your business is about, from the products and services you sell to the people behind it. In order to get the best web design,…

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A brief guide to cloud backup

By Digiadmin | 25 Aug 2021

There are a number of articles talking about “the cloud”, “cloud servers” and “cloud backup.” It can be overwhelming, so it is worth knowing more about what cloud backup is and more importantly how it can benefit your business. Protecting your data In order to understand how beneficial cloud backup can be, you should look…

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How your business can benefit from hosted telephony

By Digiadmin | 10 Aug 2021

Recent times have highlighted the need for a more flexible workforce. Even before the global pandemic, there was an increased emphasis on remote working. In order to meet those needs for both companies and the staff who work for them, it is recommended to use a hosted telephony service to maintain a reliable level of…

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