Why it is important to check your social media stats

By Digiadmin | 15 Jan 2021

People can be cynical about social media and especially using stats to measure it. After all, you’re not an influencer or a Youtuber, so why should you care? There are actually a number of very important reasons why you should care and knowing how to effectively analyse your social media stats can make a massive…

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Mobilizing your business to work at home?

By Digiadmin | 30 Dec 2020

As more people face having to work from home due to factors such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, businesses need to look at how work can be mobilized in order to ensure that this can be done effectively. Here are just some ways you can mobilize your business and make it viable to work from…

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10 essential items for a new business

By Digiadmin | 15 Dec 2020

It can be daunting when creating a new business. There are various things to consider and some will cost more than others. Here are ten essential items you should have when setting up a new business. A website A website is in effect your shop window. While social media platforms are important in promoting your…

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Are you diverting your office phone to a home number? Let us tell you why this is hurting your business

By Digiadmin | 30 Nov 2020

In theory, you can understand why some people may want to divert office calls to their home number. It would mean not missing important office calls while you are at home. However, there are some reasons why instead of making you more productive this could in fact be hurting your business. More secure A big…

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How to work from home efficiently

By Digiadmin | 13 Nov 2020

With more people working from home, either remotely as part of an office or on a freelance basis, it becomes more important to know effective ways of working at home. With the right approach, it is possible to be productive without sacrifice the all-important work-life balance. Work to a schedule One issue people have when…

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Why is it important to include typography in your website?

By Digiadmin | 15 Oct 2020

There are a number of elements to consider when designing a website. The ease of use, the integration of social media feeds, a lot of these factors are important. However, one aspect that is crucial is people being able to take information in. In order to provide ease of use, this requires the right kind…

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How To Get Your Business Through Recession In 2020

By Digiadmin | 15 Sep 2020

It has almost become a cliché at this point to talk about “these challenging times.” While the issues around lockdown and COVID-19 have been difficult for companies to work around, this has now been compounded with the UK economy heading toward recession. However, while this is a challenge there are ways to address the issues…

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A Guide to Building Your Social Media Pages

By Digiadmin | 15 Sep 2020

Social media is a great way to promote your business. It is relatively inexpensive and offers the chance to spread the word in ways that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. In order to get the most from it, here is a guide to building your social media pages. Pick the right platform Choosing…

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Why Cloud Technology is so important

By Digiadmin | 31 Aug 2020

You have probably seen numerous companies and websites refer to cloud technology. But you may not be aware of what it is and why it could potentially be very important for you and your business. Better access “The cloud” refers to a remote area where data and other electronic programs, software etc can be stored…

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