Why Marketing is Essential for your Business

By Digiadmin | 08 Jun 2020

When times are tough, one of the first things that often gets cut is marketing. However, this is often a big mistake. Marketing is what lets people know about your business and here are a few of the reasons why marketing is essential for your business. Engaging your customers Marketing is no longer just billboards…

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Top 5 Things to Update on Your Website

By Digiadmin | 27 May 2020

If you think about it, your website is effectively your company’s shop window. This is where people will look up information about you and get their initial first impression. What you don’t want is a shop window where the display looks dated or worse needs tidying up. Therefore, here are the top 5 things to…

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Companies that started in a recession

By Digiadmin | 21 May 2020

Thanks to the great response to my previous blog which offered some advice on starting a business in a recession (click here to read) and a fair bit more free time on my hands, I thought I would write another which looks at some businesses which surprisingly were started in times of dire economic conditions.…

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Starting a Business in a Recession or Downturn? Learn from the Past

By Digiadmin | 15 May 2020

I am sure we all agree that this is a terrible time and one of mass insecurity. I have experienced a few economic downturns in my time and still recall the big hit of 2008. Amongst the uncertainty, disruption and in many cases heartbreak there are success stories. Tales which come out of the darkness…

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A Guide to Working Remotely

By Digiadmin | 13 May 2020

As working remotely becomes more of a necessity in these recent times, it is something people may not be used to. Some people can find it hard to focus, while others may burn out. With a few tips it is possible to develop a consistent routine and get the most out of working remotely. Dress…

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Spring Cleaning- How To Tidy Up Your Tech

By Digiadmin | 20 Apr 2020

As springtime nears, everyone starts to think about spring cleaning. However, it’s not just your drawers or the kitchen microwave that could do with a scrub, your company’s tech can also do with a bit of decluttering to help spark more joy from your devices. Your mobile If you are self-employed or do a lot…

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What Is Hosted Telephony And Why Should Your Business Use It?

By Digiadmin | 06 Apr 2020

Most businesses have to use telephones or have some kind of phone system put in place. Even if you are self-employed, the chances are you will have some kind of mobile contact number or use a virtual assistant. Hosted telephony (sometimes referred to as cloud telephony or hosted VoIP) is when you use an outside…

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Why You Should Have A WordPress Website

By Ami Hewlett | 16 Mar 2020

If you are looking to run your own business, do something on the side to raise a bit of extra money, or want to promote something you are passionate about, a website is effectively your shop window. There are various options you can choose for this, but one you should consider is a WordPress website,…

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Windows 7 “End Of Life”- How Will It Affect You?

By Ami Hewlett | 02 Mar 2020

After January 15th 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be available, with any machines with the system getting popups effectively forcing an update for Windows 10.  It is important to make sure your devices are up to date in order to keep them fully updated and secure. Security You need to check that your compliance…

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