Whilst the pandemic restrictions are beginning to lift and life is starting to return to normal, most of us are still conscious of social distancing and avoiding close contact. Virtually every exhibition and networking event has outlawed the use of business cards which leaves many of us with the challenge of passing our contact details to new clients and potential prospects.

Digi Toolbox have created a contact free business card which can be printed or used via your mobile, laptop or tablet device – making the process covid safe. Whether you are at a business meeting, networking event, exhibition or conference, the Digi Toolbox contact free business card is perfect to instil confidence and remove unnecessary risks whilst still aiming to grow your business.

Every “card” is individually designed and branded to give a great first impression, every time!

The Contact Free Business Card offers

Instant Detail Transfer. No more lost cards!

The card is scanned to the recipient’s phone and instantly added as a contact. No more lost opportunities due to a prospect misplacing your card!

Printable or On Your Device

The Contact Free Business Card is easy to use and can be used in the way that best suits you.


Never run out of cards again or not have one to give to that important prospect!

Huge Saving!

The Digi Toolbox Contact Free Business Card comes with a lifetime licence. For a one of payment of £49.99 (which includes full design and branding) you will never need to restock your cards ever again! This is less than many suppliers charge for 500 quality business cards to be printed.


In the modern era it is important to ensure your business or organisation is being as environmentally friendly as possible. The Contact Free Business Card can significantly reduce excess paper waste as it removes the need for business cards, many of which end up in the bin!

Join 100’s of savvy business people who have made the switch today and complete the form below. A member of our team will get in touch to design your perfect contactless business card.


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