Any business can benefit from increased productivity. Office 365 comes in two editions (small business and enterprise) with both designed to help individuals and companies get more from their time. In order to decide if Office 365 can help you here is a rundown of the benefits for you and your business.


It doesn’t matter if you’re on the train on your laptop, in your office or in a coffee shop on your tablet, with this system you can access enterprise software to work on your business.


Security is often a big concern for people using cloud based systems. In this instance the applications go through a 128 bit SSL/TSL encryption so if they do manage to intercept something from your system they won’t be able to understand it. With constant updates 365 is very secure and constantly improving.

It should also be clear that you can decide the level of security- for example allowing some people to view a file but only a select few to edit the documents.


With 99.9% scheduled up time the amount of disruption to your work time is minimal. With multiple data centres there is always a backup, ensuring as little downtime as possible.


Automatic authentication means users can log on with a single sign on.


Deleted something by accident? With Office 365 you can restore deleted files. With 25GB of space it is also unlikely that you will need to delete something in the first place!


Say you wanted to present a webinar to your work colleagues about making your business more efficient. You want to use PowerPoint- but what if some have PowerPoint and some don’t? This would mean some people could miss out on vital information.
With Office 365 this is not the case as it is possible to give online PowerPoint presentations even if the people receiving it don’t have PowerPoint themselves!

Furthermore using the Lync Online communication component it is easier to keep in touch with people, while Share Point Plus allows people to share large files during an instant message conversation, allowing for quicker collaboration.


Office programs are great for making spreadsheets, posters and any number of other things to benefit your business. But what if you have sent a file on your office computer only to find it has a glaring typo? You may only have a few minutes to prevent this getting out- fortunately for the Office 365 web apps you can do quick edits on the move, allowing for last minute changes to help spare your blushes.


In short there is a big chance to revolutionise your business and office environment using Office 365. However it does help to have a company on board so you can get the most from it. Contact Digi Toolbox to find out more about what we can offer you and make your business not just work harder but work smarter.


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