Outsourced IT Support for Schools

In recent times we are seeing many schools bolster their existing internal IT support with an outsourced package and we are even seeing some move completely away from an in-house resource. Digi Toolbox can assist with such moves and deliver significant benefits, including:


Most of our school clients pay less than £295 per month for a complete outsourced IT support package which includes industry leading, enterprise grade Anti-Virus for every user. This obviously represents a huge cost reduction compared to an in-house resource.



Our outsourced IT package provides you access to our large team of highly skilled, knowledgeable in-house engineers. This means no issues with sickness, holidays or time off. We are here for you. We always operate capacity of 75%, allowing us to offer industry leading response and fix times. No waiting, just great support when you need it.



Whilst Digi Toolbox look after a number of schools we also have a large number of business clients. This provides great cross over and many of our school clients benefit from our experience and learnings in the private sector.


Due to the hectic, day-to-day demands placed on in-house resources, new systems, technologies or techniques are often missed whilst busy with the “day job”. Digi Toolbox pride themselves at being on the cutting edge of technology so your school will always benefit from new solutions and practices saving more money and improving the inner workings of your school.

There are a huge range of benefits but we understand every school is different and we create a support package to work within your individual budgets and requirements. It is also worth remembering that outsourced IT support does not mean we can’t be on site when you need us.

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