Phone Systems for Schools

During our 30+ years’ experience in supplying telecoms to schools, it is clear that whilst these services cost a significant amount monthly, the technology is rarely leveraged to actually assist the institution. We are here to change this. Our pledge is to reduce cost whilst dramatically improving the useability of the technology.

We understand that poor communication infrastructures cause pain for teachers, students and parents. Our team of experts can help reverse this and benchmark your school’s usage against others across the UK to instantly assist you implement best practices.

**October 2020 Update** Digi Toolbox are pleased to announce access to a £1500 grant for school technology upgrades. Enquire Here.


It is common to discover schools paying for services, lines and technology that they currently do not use, need and in many instances, even know that they had! Our free audit will identify these quickly.


Our systems are designed with the modern school in mind. We can demonstrate a wide range of collaboration tools from conference calls to closed video lessons giving teachers easy controls and the ability to teach remotely.


One of the most common complaints we hear from schools, is the inability to make changes to their phone system (diverts, out of hours messages, snow day set up, etc). Our simple platform and training will enable relevant users to quickly and easily make changes plus or team of engineers are always on hand to help when needed.


Whilst it is not a legal requirement yet, call recording is increasingly becoming a core requirement for schools and colleges to safeguard staff and students. This is included in all of our school packages and is set up how you want it (i.e. who is recorded, etc)

There are 100’s more features which we have seen benefit schools from departmental and school wide paging to intelligent call routing.

To discover what is available and what other schools are using, get in touch with our team today on 01489 297070 or complete the form below. We will also be able to advise if you are eligible for the £1500 grant.

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