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Cyber Security For Small Businesses

You have probably seen articles about big brand companies suffering from cyber attacks. It is easy to think that because you are a small business, you won’t be targeted. The fact is that any company that doesn’t have sufficient cyber security is vulnerable to hacks, ransomware and other potential threats, which is why it is…

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Spam Down, But A New Threat Emerges

There was some extremely interesting news regarding Spam this week (the junk mail, not the canned meat). Whilst we seem to hear about cyber attacks every day – especially the high profile ones. It would appear that good old spam seems to be on the decrease! It was also revealed that the number of high-profile…

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If You Can't Beat Them…Pay Them!

The American aviation giant, United Airlines, have taken a radical step to ensure their business security I as protected as possible. It was announced yesterday that the company has rewarded a number of internet hackers with millions of air miles for highlighting vulnerabilities in their web security. The hacker didn’t even attack them! UA provided…

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