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How Does SEO Affect Your Business

You have probably seen articles discussing SEO (search engine optimisation). It sounds like a vague theory, but it is something that can have a very real impact on your business. It is important to be aware of how SEO works and how you can use it to help promote your work. Finding your business People…

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Why You Should Consider A Blog On Your Website

Websites are in many ways similar to shop windows- often this is the first thing a person will see that represents your business. While a well-presented shop will get people in, changing the display will get more people coming back in. This is why you should consider a blog on your website. The shop display…

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Digital Marketing

All our websites are built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind – it’s not an added extra. But for continued support, advice and proactive management we can provide you with ongoing digital marketing services to keep visitors hooked on your site. Our in-house experts include IDM qualified digital marketing specialists, professional copywriters and proof…

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Why blog for business?

Most of us have read a blog from time to time. In fact, you’re doing it right now so I’m guessing it’s not an alien concept to you. But often, the power behind these business blogs is often underestimated. When fully exploited, business blogs can showcase a company’s expertise on a particular topic and within…

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SEO is not a dark art

Search Engine Optimisation has a funny reputation, with many people thinking it is some dark art of manipulating Google’s fancy algorithms to achieve not only page one rank but the hollowed “top of page one!” Admittedly, those SEO emails that I am sure land in your inbox on a regular basis – lovingly provided by…

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