Whether it’s a one-man band needing to appear bigger or a large organisation needing a Disaster Recovery solution; call answering is of high importance.

We can answer calls for you and your company in our friendly UK call centre in the following ways; using a script you provide to keep it seamless and making sure you get the right information for the calls we answer on your behalf.

Your client can be issued with their own telephone number and we will answer all your clients calls directly as if we are their team in that designated department / location / general reception. This allows your company to not become distracted with call answering.

Alternatively the end customer initially calls your companies mobile / landline / NGN and if unanswered by your own team the call will divert to us where we would answer the call, with your chosen script.

We can also offer other useful services i.e. Credit Control, Invoicing and a range of Accounting Services, Virtual PA, Customer Services, First line Technical Help Desk, Emergency Call Out, Telephone Numbers, Number Porting, Auto Attendant/IVR, Telemarketing, Mailing Service, Mailing Address, Email/SMS Handling, Live Web Chat.

As part of our Hosted Telephony Services, Digi Toolbox are able to provide your business with complete call recording solutions.


Calls to your company for sales purposes will be filtered at no cost to them.

We can run 1 or more bespoke scripts making our call agents ask the right questions and collect all the information you need from the call.

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