How to get the best web design

By Digiadmin | 15 Sep 2021

While social media has allowed for more reach, there is still something about a website that provides a central hub for your online activity. It is where you can present what your business is about, from the products and services you sell to the people behind it. In order to get the best web design,…

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A brief guide to cloud backup

By Digiadmin | 25 Aug 2021

There are a number of articles talking about “the cloud”, “cloud servers” and “cloud backup.” It can be overwhelming, so it is worth knowing more about what cloud backup is and more importantly how it can benefit your business. Protecting your data In order to understand how beneficial cloud backup can be, you should look…

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How your business can benefit from hosted telephony

By Digiadmin | 10 Aug 2021

Recent times have highlighted the need for a more flexible workforce. Even before the global pandemic, there was an increased emphasis on remote working. In order to meet those needs for both companies and the staff who work for them, it is recommended to use a hosted telephony service to maintain a reliable level of…

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The importance of website support

By Digiadmin | 30 Jul 2021

A good way of looking at your website is to think of it like a shop window. You can have the best display, enticing offers and stylish lighting, but if the windows are smashed in or the glass is dirty then it will put people off coming in to the shop. This is why it…

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A quick introduction to social media management

By Digiadmin | 15 Jul 2021

People can be cynical about social media. However, there are a number of different platforms available and numerous ways that they can be used to promote your business at a relatively low cost. With the right social media management tools, it is possible to reap the benefits of a targeted social media campaign. Be better…

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How to incorporate e-commerce into your website

By Digiadmin | 30 Jun 2021

Recent times have highlighted the importance of online business. It is no longer just for big players- smaller businesses have survived thanks to being able to sell goods online when they have not access to physical locations. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, e-commerce should be a factor when looking at…

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A brief guide to telephony services

By Digiadmin | 15 Jun 2021

Telephony services can be massively beneficial to your business. They can make them more efficient and cut numerous long term costs. Here is a quick guide to the various telephony services and what they could potentially do to benefit your business in both the short and the long term. The three main services There are…

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How social media management can increase your brand awareness

By Digiadmin | 31 May 2021

Some people are nervous about social media. There is a fear about who you engage with or that they will not get a return on the time and effort they invest into it. Here are few things you should know about how social media management can increase your brand awareness. Getting out there With a…

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The importance of digital marketing

By Digiadmin | 15 May 2021

People may be hesitant to get into digital marketing. However, this is a massive opportunity for your business. Effectively, digital marketing platforms can help level the playing field for smaller businesses, as well as giving more unique opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few examples of why digital marketing is important…

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